Janice Gundersen-Jacques & "Ruby"

Janice said that Ruby (2018 3.7L V8 Convertible Mustang) found her, hidden in the back with 3 miles in Mission Bay, SD. Upgrades include the Axel Back Roush Exhaust, K&N Cold Air Intake, caliper covers, removable tinted tail lights...& the "Wind Restrictor" (Pony glows red at night)!!!...only 63K miles...mostly cruising!!

(In Janice' Own words:)
"May 22,2016, after 2 weeks of research for a new car, I discovered the the 2016 V6 was about to be the last years of a 50 year proven engine… that made my mind up right there. I found Ruby, or should I say Ruby found me hidden in the back lot with 3 miles on her, in Mission Bay, San Diego.
The 1st upgrade was the Axel Back Rousch Exhaust, then came the K&N cold intake… sure it added a little kick to the hp. From there, only minor decorative things like the “Wind Restrictor”(the pony glows red at night), caliper covers, and removable tinted tail lights.
The next thing I am looking into doing, is changing out the wheels… I think nice black rims would look awesome.
I don’t do too many cars shows except this last year, 2021 Mustang Madness, I decorated Ruby and I to be Minnie Mouse. I even had an old pedal car decorated just like my car, Minnie and all. This all felt so good with an idea I had so long ago and it really paid off with all the special awards. Thank you OCMC! 
It sure feels fantastic to drive a 5 1/2 year old Mustang, with 63,000 miles (mostly cruising)… as it still looks and feels brand new."

Top down and getting some sun!
On the road with some Holiday Decoration on the grill for fun!
This Wind Restrictor is dialed in and looking good glowing nice and red to match Janice' Stang!

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