The success of any Club is dependent on active Membership participation which can take the form of Volunteering, Serving as a Board Member, or providing valuable Constructive FeedbackThis is your Club.  Everyone of us possesses a unique set of perspectives, opinions, and ideas that can help the Club be better.  We want to meet your expectations and provide quality experiences that match the diverse needs and likes of our Members.  

Feedback is a gift, and your voice is valuable.  Please take a moment to share your perspective and Constructive Feedback on what's working, what needs improvement, ideas for Events, provide a "Thank You" to someone in the Club that did something that you appreciated, things you'd like to see or be included on this Website, or on your experience at one of our Events, Cruises, or Car Shows.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to have your voice heard and for providing the valuable Gift of Feedback.

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