The OCMC is comprised of great people and their amazing cars.  Within every Club Member contains a great story of how they came to love their ride and how they got it.  Maybe it was a Mustang that inspired them when they were growing up, perhaps it was a Family member or Friend who had one, a single owner car, or even passed down from a relative. However it came to be, we'll take a look into some of our Members here to get to know them and their incredible cars.

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Steve & Chris Sumpter

Janice Gundersen-Jacques & "Ruby"

Car(s): 67' Mustang Convertible, 09' Mustang Coupe

Car(s): 2018 3.7L Convertible

Jeff Grant

Jeffery & Shawnn Palmer

Car(s): 2005 GT 4.6L V8

Car(s): 2020 Shelby GT500

Ed & Gina Buell

Terry Hanson

Car(s): 2007 V6 w/ Pony Pack, 2008 GT V8 5 Speed

Car(s): 2008 Shelby GT500 Convertible

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